About Cuba

Located at the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, The Republic of Cuba is actually an archipelago comprised by the Isle of Youth (a special municipality) and 4 195 keys and islets for a total area of 110 860 Km2. Its neighboring countries are Haiti, United States, Jamaica and Mexico.

The weather is always mellow in Cuba. This hospitable and multi-ethnic country is blessed with a sunny tropical climate and a mean annual temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. The average temperature in summer is 27 degrees C and 21 degrees in winter. December, January and February are the coolest months while July and August are the warmest.

Official name: Republic of Cuba.

Capital: Havana City, with a population of 2? 200, 000 inhabitants.

Official language: Spanish.

Area: 110,860 Km2 (42, 843 square miles)

Population: 11 204 180 inhabitants. (Demographic density =101 inhabitants x Km2).

Ethnic Composition: 60% Spanish descendents, 22% mulattos and mixed, 11% African descendents and 1% Chinese descendents.

National Holiday: January 1st

National Anthem: Himno de Bayamo (Hymn of Bayamo) by Perucho Figueredo).

Religion: 47% Catholics, 4% Protestants, 2% Santeria and other African cults also practiced by many Catholics.

Political regimen: Socialist Republic.

Head of State and Government: Raul Castro.

GDP: $ 20 billions USD.

PIB per capita: $ 1.786 billion USD.

Annual growth: 2.5%.

Leading industries: Sugar, mining, tobacco, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, biotechnological and tourism.

Leading Trade Partners: Western Europe, Latin America, Russia, China, Iran and North Korea.

Currency: Cuban peso (CUP) and the freely convertible Cuban peso (CUC).

Political-Administrative Division: Cuba is divided into 15 provinces and a special municipality Isle of Youth (formerly Isle of Pines).

Climate: Sub-tropical and humid, with two distinctive seasons: dry (winter) from November through April and rainy (summer) from May through October. The mean annual temperature is 25? C, with an average of 20? C in winter and 26-27? C in summer.


“Al combate corred, bayameses
Que la Patria os contempla orgullosa
No tem?is una muerte gloriosa
Que morir por la Patria, es vivir.
En cadenas vivir es vivir
En afrenta y oprobio sumidos,
Del clar?n escuchad el sonido
A las armas, valientes, corred”.