2012 congress

  • Symposium 1. The molecular biology of the healing processes, clinical trials and the implementation of comprehensive care extension programs for patients with diabetic foot ulcers.
  • Symposium 2. Therapies for the treatment of diabetic foot.

Total participants: 450
150 foreigners
300 Cubans

International participation

Main results

The meeting counted with the participation of several world leaders in the management of diabetic foot ulcers. During the 3 days of the congress, 11 plenary lectures, 31 oral presentations and 130 posters were given. Among the topics discussed were the mechanisms of wound healing using epidermal growth factor and biosecurity during the therapeutic use of that molecule. The use of Heberprot-P in the Cuban program of comprehensive care for patients with diabetic foot ulcers was highlighted, at that time extended to 43 hospitals and 197 polyclinics, which allowed reaching 15,000 Cuban patients and reducing the relative risk of amputation. by 65%. This result is remarkable considering that Heberprot-P was applied fundamentally in Wagner category 3-4 lesions both neuropathic and ischemic. There were 12 plenary lectures, 30 oral presentations and 130 posters. 150 international delegates participated in the congress.